Chapter 20 Acknowledgements

The construction of this package was funded by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, in particular by the Competence Centre for Composite Indicators and Scoreboards. It was also developed with and inspired by colleagues from the same group.

Some significant parts of the package were built in tandem with, and tested for the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s Global Innovation Index - this, and interactions with GII staff, greatly helped to improve the internal working of the package and develop its features. Similarly, UNIDO’s Quality Infrastructure for Sustainable Development Index was used to further test and refine the package. The Water-Energy-Food Nexus Index was also used as a test case for sensitivity analysis.

COINr, like all R packages, has been built off of the back of many other packages. Some that COINr uses in particular are:

  • Plotly, for beautiful javascript plots
  • ggplot2, for beautiful static plots
  • reactable, for nice interactive tables
  • shiny, for apps
  • Various elements of the tidyverse, in particularly dplyr and purrr